The Café

Welcome to Skarhult´s Café, located at the courtyard.  Hot and cold beverages, fresh pastries and soups from Restaurant Buljong in Lund are served here. 

Skarhults park
Caf  bullar

Opening hours

We are closed for the season but the castle will reopen in 2020 between June 13th - September 27th.

Larger groups are recommended to book in advance.

Send e-mail to
or call +46 768 010 098.


Coffee, tea – 30 SEK
Soft drink – 25 SEK
Cinnamon bun, cardamom bun – 32 SEK
Tosca cake – 40 SEK
Chocolate cake – 35 SEK

Please note that changes may be made regarding prices and assortment. 

Toilets are available by the egg shop just outside the castle.